I’m an independent animator. When you’re an independent animator (and you’re me), here’s what you do: you design characters. Lots and lots of them. I chose to concentrate on women characters, which makes it sound like a choice when really, it was something I almost had to do. Women’s stories are fun and funny, charming and dramatic, brave, beautiful and sad (among many other things). Those stories need characters. Even a stick figure needs a little fiddling with.

Thing is, while I could have followed the pretty princess formula, I actually couldn’t. It’s a recipe that just isn’t interesting to me.  Even in the real world – in spite of really, really liking clothes and cashmere and shoes and jewelry and perfume – a woman’s appearance is the least interesting thing to me.  Her passion, her sense of humor, her oddness and her intellectual honesty – these are things that make me wish everyone else in the whole world could meet and find delight in knowing her.

Any way. These are some of my characters, watercolored and turned into prints and cards. They all have a story, or I wouldn’t have tried to capture them in a moment. I certainly don’t like how they all turned out, but A., my wonderful and arguably too-witty partner, likes to tell me I don’t get to decide. And I agree, however reluctantly. So I’ll try to keep my opinions to myself.


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