Miss Whissle’s Narrator


I’m working on a story about tiny monsters.** Writing the story’s the easy part. Finding the narrator’s voice and committing to it – that’s the part I play with. Test, test and more test. This is a ‘for instance.’ There’s a big possibility it won’t survive, not even excerpts of it, but I’ll know the voice.

**Abbott the Possum’s (well, of COURSE, that’s not the title) is all written and ready to go. Except for the part where I’m glad I decided I wasn’t a fan of the look of the art. I went with big bold background colors. I do not want big bold background colors. Oh and well.






2 thoughts on “Miss Whissle’s Narrator

  1. Oh. My. Goodness. She has saggy stockings and of course she is a Miss. Love this, Cris……the story, the watercolor, and that she looks like she is about to spew every Littler Cherish cherished secret!

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