Minding My Own Business

I him gave the condensed version. Condensed versions might not be great story telling, but if you talk fast enough, you get to squeeze in more examples of the torment you’ve just been through which, theoretically, ought to get you more sympathy. ‘Love the process’ was what I got back. Pffff.

His tone of voice was hard to decipher; he could’ve been genuinely motivational. Or genuinely giving me motivational shit. He said it again, just as the door was closing behind him. ‘Love the process, Cristy Jaye.’ That full and formal given name. He was making fun of me. Condensed version, wasted. Ha.

I’ve been making a new website. It’s been an awful lot like really hard. Last week, I added a little php code and the site replied with dazzling speed. Well, it said. THAT was fatal.

My web host fixed it swiftly. They fixed it by completely disabling everything. Completely. Everything.

ScaryFactoryHEADER5These little hiccups are nothing compared to the design torture. Here are three (and only three) versions of my header. The final version looks nothing at all like any of them. Nothing. Not even a little bit. ScaryFactoryHEADER_DivisionsScaryHEADERLightBLUE

I had to make a new website so there could be a little shop, a shop less Etsy and more minesy. I haven’t sold a thing on Etsy, although I’ve sold a lot that I’ve posted on Etsy. People have sent notes. I’ve sent notes back. It’s all been very nice and friendly and playful.

But. The shop. The intimate little place I wanted. I had to make my own website because of the highly scientific thing called a Budget. I had a  budget that wasn’t even a little bit interested in letting me just get on with it by paying a lot per month. Oh no. No. MY budget was kind of firm about the whole thing. Make your own, it said.

So I did. Or at least, AM.

At the same time, I’ve been working on my catalog for all the stores I mean to approach with BIG BIG hopes that one or three will stock my prints. I realized I probably needed a logo. I have made plenty of logos for plenty of people. I’ve even had one or two myself. But not for Scary Fairy. Because Scary Fairy was one of those accidental names.

Accidental, as in: one day, long ago, I bought the domain name. I don’t even rLOGOforRoundstampemember what I did with it. Oh. Yes, I do. I made a website. I put all my animation work there because an animator has to show their reel. I showed my reel.

I got work – lots of work from it. But I didn’t do anything particularly Scary Fairy-ish and so I really didn’t need a logo.

Now I do. Here’s what I’m going with. >> This.

I’m tired. Luckily, I still get to get dreamy and make little, tiny monsters. I made the teensiest, tiniest monster just the other day. It was stupid-tiny. Probably because I wasn’t having my finest hour of strategizing. Nope. I just put pencil to paper, sketched a little and then started the ridiculous process of painting.

Love the process. Love the journey.

That’s what people who aren’t going through the process or the journey say. So, I’m not saying it.


11 thoughts on “Minding My Own Business

  1. I like the one with the girly pink scalloping……but, maybe it is girly. Love the logo…..will you paint it? You are brave and talented…….you’ve got this!

    • After spending way too many hours on those things, I realized they were ALL too girly. Frilly. Fiddly. (And my new one might be too much the opposite, but I just CAN’t keep changing it. :)) And yay!! I’m really glad you like the logo. I needed something simple enough to turn into a stamp (which is why it won’t be painted). I figure I can change IT too, when I get tired of it.

      Thanks, Rosie, thanks thanks thanks. I’m just about out of juice, so … I hope I’ve ‘got it’ for as long as it takes to get all this shit done. It’s supposed to be fun. I want it to be fun. Doing it? Not fun. ha.

  2. Making my point all too well with the above screwup. This lovely, expensive iPad is wasted on me…..three finger move you say? I can turn it on, check email, buy and read books and take photos……period. Anything even remotely finger fancy is lost on me. Oh, I can read blogs and sometimes leave comments before I hit something and pouf off goes an incomplete one!

    • I laugh. I only got an iPad because I thought I could create animated books. You know. For other people. And it was smart to work on the native device. There was really no way of knowing it wouldn’t work (well, it WOULD and can and does, but it would cost my client – the one I imagined having – BUCKET LOADS. Crazy expensive.) So. There I was, with an iPad and frankly, I use it JUST like you do, only less. Except for watching Netflix. .. So if I know how to do the three finger thingie, there’s really no excuse. :)

  3. The thing I love best is the monster peeking in from the right on all the headers. But you knew that. He must be in whatever final version you decide on. MUST.

    I also bought an expensive iPad with the idea of using it for profit, but that is a long and pissmeoff story which I shan’t recap here. It is good for lazy, in-bed computering, though.

    • I am SO pleased that you’d know he was staying. :) Not surprised you’d know, but pleased nonetheless. (I wrote that whole sentence just so I could use nonetheless. It’s probably the wrong word.) Sigh. I bet more than a few people got iPad’s for some wrong reasons.

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