The Extraordinary Arrangement


It happened awhile ago, this simple moment: Two young women went carefully from one end of my booth to the other, quietly studying every  piece of art on display. Finally, one looked up shyly and that loveliest of things was in her face: appreciation. ‘You’re very clever,’ she said.

I thanked her, of course, then slid in ‘I think it needs someone who’s very clever to notice,’ and we giggled at our little trade in compliments.

Minutes later, I thought that something true sat in the middle of what I’d said. It’s demonstrated for me regularly. People who can see the curious and charming, the weird and whimsical and mischievous and playful will see it in the world. And feel it. And for just a moment, we’ll be connected.

It’s an extraordinary arrangement.








12 thoughts on “The Extraordinary Arrangement

  1. Yes! It’s for this reason recent Universal City ads for Harry Potter have grated at me. They say something to the effect of: “Wonder can be real!” Uuuuugh. Wonder is real in many moments of every day. You don’t need a costly theme park to find it!

    • Oh no! Nails on a chalkboard! I so, so agree. And yet, while so many keep their minds poised to see the sparkly and the mysterious, some can. NOT. I don’t know why this is and I try really hard to not guess, but it’s true, too. So maybe the theme park represents an invitation they wouldn’t otherwise consider, a doorway they wouldn’t otherwise see.

      Maybe. I’m probably wrong, though. :):)

  2. xxoo to monsters and dragons, and old ladies with saggy boobs, and kittens and puppies, and friends that know how to find joy in pretty much everything. xxoo for you, Cris.

    • Magic note, magic note!! I love (and am truly grateful) that you’d use up any of your bytes to come visit and write your patented magic things. I actually thought this … oh, about a week ago. You are a superb reader, Rosie and a gifted commenter. Is there a career in that. If there is, I’m pretty sure a fortune awaits you. love, love …

  3. Even better than the clever, I like the part that you could see the appreciation in her face. Which I suppose affirms that you are both clever, but other things too I think. Delightful comes to mind. I’ll save my other adjectives for the appropriate moments.

    • That is just a great and wonderful point! The ‘clever’ was just play, but still led me to see how it IS an agreement between people, to recognize each other and – as you pointed out – appreciate. I really really like this thing that people can do for each other. There still seem to be some who can’t bring themselves to do it. I think they’re missing out.

  4. Yesssss! to mini monsters, this post (I could see it happening in my mind), and also what you said in JP’s comment thread, that it’s “an agreement between people, to recognize each other and – as you pointed out – appreciate.”

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