Tiny Tiny

I started painting tiny monsters last week. Tiny’s always fascinated me. Almost ten years ago (TEN years?!?!?), on a whole different blog, I wrote this:

Snow globes, the ones with fabulous Russian fairy tales scenes, and other people’s photographs of other people, and little music box mechanisms. I like them very much. And Colleen Moore’s miniature castle.

Model trains that run through tiny towns and under tiny bridges. Joseph Cornell’s shadow boxes. And fat snowfall through old fashioned streetlamp light.

I stuttered, anxious about confessing it for the first time. I knew too many who would undoubtedly think it twee. Twee is that British sneer, meaning excessively or affectedly quaint, pretty, or sentimental. I wasn’t afraid of much. Except, apparently, how I was perceived. It’s a sneaky, snakey fear. It’s insidious. It doesn’t even feel like fear as much as it feels like the price of adulthood.

Five years ago, forgetting it was covered, I wrote this:

Forever and ever, or as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated with small scenes in tiny containers, enchanted by jewel box theaters.

There was some improvement, but not a lot. Five years from now, I’d like to search through this blog and find that I said it, without apology.

I. Like. Small.  I like tiny. Not to the exclusion of all else and not even more than other sizes. I’m not a Lilliputiaphile. I just like it. A lot.

There. Done.




12 thoughts on “Tiny Tiny

    • :) Thanks, Deborah! (The Monster – wheeee! That delights me.)

      I haven’t put them up online yet, so there’s no ‘where’ there. Yet. :) (I sell them in real life at a weekly arts and crafts show in Santa Barbara.) If anything ever interests you, just shoot me a note – crishamilton at scaryfairyfactory.com

  1. These are so darn cute. Tiny is much more personal…intimate almost. What is tiny reader reading? The tennies are…no words. I have a small collection of tiny kitties (surprise) both watercolors and itsy bitsy ceramic and crystal ones. I love them. They make me feel like a kid again for some reason.

    • I feel that, too! The intimacy. The secret-ishy ‘my little piece of magic’! (Which is probably that kid thing that hangs on: mine mine mine! Ha!) IF the book hadn’t been too small, I’d have put either Harry Potter or The Dictionary. :)

  2. Ohhhh, I love these so much! Adorable. I love them with the real-life paintbrush and I love them with the white space to emphasize their tinymonsterness.

    Also, you are full of holy-shit-but-that’s-some-truth quotes lately: “It doesn’t even feel like fear as much as it feels like the price of adulthood.”

    • Someday, I’ll have so many tiny monsters, I’ll hand them out as hostess gifts. And anything that’s holy-shit-truth is really just accumulated experience. Isn’t it? (That’s a pretty fancy way of saying Age. Ha.)

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