Love Dancing





10 thoughts on “Love Dancing

  1. I dance in secret. BTW….probably just me, but when I click on just the post, I can’t see all of your header. When I click on just your blog to read a post where I can select what to read it is fine…..again….probably my stupid POS computer.

    • Oh, I had a big old long post explaining how this wasn’t necessarily about real dancing at all, but just the stuff that happens in my head. And then I thought: oh, zip it, Cris. Which is a LONG way of saying that dancing in secret’s probably JUST as fun as any other kind. Well, I hope so. :)

      Also, I just re-did the header for you. (It might still not work. It’s a liquid layout, so everything adjusts according to your screen size. I bet it all works a lot better when you pay bucket loads for a theme. I don’t. Pay bucket loads. :):))

  2. at my house before I moved into the retirement apts I had a pretty private back when I wanted to do a nekkid rain dance I could..and did..loved dancing nekkid in the moonlight..must be the pagan in me.

    • That’s the best, most … crap. I can’t think of words that don’t sound like I yanked them off a greeting card – It’s SUCH a great thing. If it was the pagan in you? It worked, because … see this? It’s still making little electrical sparks. Wildly lovely!!

  3. Yay, dancing monster! He’d be the perfect one not to laugh at my salsa moves.

    Okay, your new header worked the first time I clicked on it — earlier this week, I think — but now I can only see to the bottom of her eyes. I can see the tops of the fourth line’s letters sticking up, but they’re cut off. Nothing lower.

    • I tried one cropping it one more time, but that liquid header feature … it’s hard to guess who’s using what. I guess I could re-do the whole thing and make the title tiny. Hm. I’m going to try that.

      Oh. Yah. Dancing. A monster doesn’t care at all about how a dance is supposed to look. Driven by entirely different criteria. :)

  4. I used to prefer my love dances small and compact and easily manageable. Oh and redundantly redundant. Then I gave birth to this magical little creature and suddenly I can’t see the tops of my feet anymore: so, so big the love dancing is now.

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