Trickery Dickery Stuff


All the people I’ve ever met are susceptible to it, even the bendy zenny wise guys. For sure, the wise guys. We want to be right.

Some people want to be right because being wrong is the only other option. The manichean system of accounting has survived just fine: black and white, good and evil, right and wrong.

Some people (the ones from the last paragraph) are confused. Not being right doesn’t make us wrong. Wanting to be right – that’s when it all goes to hell.  Wanting to be right sets us up for astonishingly bad thinking and even worse reasoning. We’re seduced by the specious, we’re beguiled by the snickery snorty sensation of belonging to the ruling gang.

I painted a little poster. My festival made me laugh, because I like being right, too. But I’m pretty good at being wrong. I’ve had a lot of practice. I plan on keeping it that way.*

*This poster, as an example. It was just fine until I made a mistake. The mistake multiplied until … I’m not counting. It is nothing less than a disaster. I love the concept, though, and I’m kind of fond of the ‘what are the chances that this would go all to hell?’ so, I guess I’ll re-do it and call this a study. No one seems to do that any more – a study. Except me.






15 thoughts on “Trickery Dickery Stuff

  1. Mistake? Hum, I don’t see mistakes……I see an adorable, lovable monster and sweet kiddies and another Festival to participate in because according to Steve I am rarely right.

    • Oh, then YOU need to go to the Festival of I’m Taking a Turn at Being Right. For once. Even though I’ve probably been right a lot, already, but who’s arguing? That’s the festival for you, Rosie. :):) Oh and I’m afraid you’ve been looking at turkeys too long. It’s one big … seriously. I’m only annoyed because I spent so long on it. I bet that’s a lesson. :)

    • Oh my GOSH, my brain’s going into a warp because – OF COURSE, I want to say: yay for the different ways we all see (which I totally mean), but then that HAS to include the many points of view that are quite the opposite and … eeek! Ha.

      PS. I’m becoming something of an apprentice in wabi-sabi.This, I’m afraid, doesn’t qualify. It was a dread-ass design choice. :(:(

  2. If you had a weekly program that allowed us to watch you work, I would so watch that. Every week. Kind of like the “happy little clouds” show but infinitely better because it would be you. This comment was not on topic.

    • Well, it sort of WAS on topic, because that weekly program would have a whole lot of what the hell happened THERE?! in it. And a lot of oh, this is fun. This is like stuff that wants to come together and turn into something. Curiously, I never think a vlog’s a bad idea. The opposite. I like the things. THAT was off topic.

    • oh I would watch that too; sorta kinda like the ol’ Julia Childs cooking show – you just know at some point half a chicken is gonna slide off the counter and bounce onto the floor. I *live* for bouncing chicken moments. But not in a point-and-laugh way; in a solidarity-head-nod way.

      • Oh, THAT I could sign up for – being a provider of solidarity opportunities. I gots LOTS o’ bouncing chickens. I just had the sweetest chat on Instagram yesterday about mixing your own watercolors and NEVER EVER making enough when you accidentally get just the right one. Back and forth we went with the ha-ha-has because who wants to weep over watercolor? Hm? No one. That’s solidarity.

  3. Oh, lordy. I need to just bookmark this. Especially in these days of Trumpification when the world is pinging around on its axis and the whole cyberworld is shrieking about RIGHT and WROOOONG.

    I admire you for posting your yay-monstery, lovely poster here (you know how want one of your monsters to be the monster under my bed and then come out to play in the morning) in spite of your being unhappy with it. I have a slight *ahem* issue with perfectionism, and I love that you published something you don’t feel is perfect, even though we love it and don’t see what you’re seeing. I need to remember this. Also, fabulous idea for a festival.

    • This was absolutely inspired by new politics. I’m going to be really proud of myself for stopping this paragraph RIGHT here and not going into the mechanics anyone can see if they paid attention to words and language and the way to grow an argument. Okay. I’m stopping it right HERE.

      Here’s what I love. That it’s impossible to not see the disaster in this and, unfortunately, not SO bad that it becomes … you know. Cute. Shit. But you see what DOES work. (very little, btw). It’s a big deal. The world would benefit a LOT from a lot more of that.

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