Imaginary Festivals

Too late, I’m already doing them, but I have wondered once or twice why I’m doing them in watercolor. In technical speak, they’re harder than hell.  One big invitation to make lots of mistakes.

Apparently, I’m not truly bothered. What kind of festival would it be, without lots of mistakes, hm?



23 thoughts on “Imaginary Festivals

  1. I love how the colors work! The backgrounds are all in the same family as the monsters, but the monsters all just pop out because they’re warmer. The monsters all look so cute and friendly, to! I want to hug them so badly!

    • They do like to be hugged. Frankly, they like anything at all that’s fun. :) And I’m really glad to hear the colors worked. I do a whole lot of crossing my fingers/brushes. It’s a seriously lucky thing how often I get the colors right. Ha. I should probably take a class in color. Thanks SO much for your note, Amber!

    • Jackiesue, I’d make you a giraffe in a second, but it wouldn’t look like a giraffe. I CAN make things look like things, but … I just don’t want to. Ha. I always figure that’s why there’s cameras. (I might be figuring wrong. :)) It’s how the monsters started. I was doing my version of a horse. It’s fun when people can see it. Kids see it easily.

  2. He’s gonna need a bigger umbrella.

    Do you have to “pencil” out before you can start painting? I would guess watercolor is rather unforgiving of going outside the lines…

    • It’s a sad umbrella, isn’t it? But that’s the way kindness works (if you’re asking me). It really IS in the gesture. Good thing, because … well, sad umbrella and all.

      Oh and hell, yes, I use pencil. Watercolor just LOVES to ruin things. I think it doesn’t like all the attention the water gets, so just when you’ve worked your water into the right position, the color goes difficult. It’s probably not the right medium for someone so not meticulous. Like me. And still …

    • Isn’t it fun, cooking up festival ideas?! I’m starting with the easy ones because I already know there are some troublesome ones ahead. I don’t know what they are yet, but I’m guessing those are the ones we could stand most of all. :):)

    • Ha, Rosemary. HA! (I am working on two – that’s right – TWO books right now. I’d be much further ahead if there weren’t things like holidays and Rumpusii. :):)) I’m just going to keep making up festivals and paintings until I get at least a couple that are good enough to … oh, I don’t know. To do something with. They are SO so hard, though. Until then, I’m going to be really happy that the idea, at least, is fun.

      PS. I replied a long time ago, but I replied from my OTHER blog, so it’s just been sitting here, waiting for my approval. Pff. I’m not approving my other me. That’s just weird. :)

  3. I recently hosted an imaginary festival. It was, as you know, a tremendous success. How many compliments are you able to sit with before it all feels like flattery? Because these are playful and wonderful and perfect and just exactly the sort of things wot should be celebrated. Wonderful, friend. Truly.

    • Oh, I think it was more than a tremendous success. What’s more than one of those? Way more. That. That’s what it was. I’m delighted by the compliments (and I don’t see myself getting jaded in the near future. Ha. :):) ) I would like to get at least … oh, two done without watercolor issues. That’d be nice. Luckily, theoretically, the list of things to celebrate is endless, so I’ll get some practice.

  4. These ideas are truly Fantabulous and new .. Quite inspiring and interesting.. I JUST LOVE THESE…You have spellbinding ideas..I request you to please think of some more festivals like that.. I would love to know more of them..Thank you for posting these brilliant ideas..;-)

    • This is SUCH a lovely note! Thank you. I’m sure I’ll do more one day because I truly have fun creating them. My tiny monsters are currently in high demand, though, so they’re getting my attention. But thank you for the big and wonderful encouragement!!

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