Those Magic Words

I gave myself a day to make a little animated greeting card and it was all fun – it’s always fun when I’m doing exactly what I want to. Wait. It was all fun until I got to the part where I had to actually write the greeting. Pick the words.

Tricky things, words.

I know you know they’re powerful. Individually, I mean. They come with history and meaning and heartbeats. Unlike that ‘tree falling in the woods and no one can hear it’ thing, words are powerful whether or not anyone reads them. Good thing, because reading is pretty casual, lately. Get you over to Facebook land, where people post all variety of articles and top them off with opinions and you know, for a fact, they didn’t read the words. I don’t know what the hell they’re doing, but it’s not reading and it’s definitely not relishing the words.

Choosing the biggest, most show-offy word doesn’t make it mean more. But picking the right one? Does.

So, after awhile I just picked my words and decided to live with them. There are only three, but they’re not all the right ones. One of them was obligatory. But if I could, I’d have replaced it with something that I mean a LOT more this year. Something like … oh … maybe Patience. Grace.

That’s enough for now.





8 thoughts on “Those Magic Words

  1. Cris, you are such a special soul. I loved it….bend a little…it helps the world. AND…..little snow dots falling everywhere. OK….we are gonna go cut a tree down and decorate this year after all….you warmed my heart.

    • Oh yesss! Those are good ones! I considered ‘harmony’ – I really did – but then I thought of people I know who are doing their damnedest to NOT contribute to harmony, but would be happy to have it for themselves. So – sigh – I took it off the table. :\

    • That’s SUCH a great word – besotted. Thanks for using it. The monsters plucked it out of my commenting hands immediately. (Maybe you wrote when I posted it to Facebook, because … as you know since you blog-breaked – one has to re-purpose one’s material or get a serious headache.)

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