Wint’ry Magic


Sunday was crisp and clean and sunny at the art show down by the beach. And very cold in the shade. I was in the shade. I’m in California precisely to not be in the shade. My poor little fingers and my poor little toes were just … poor and little and frozen.

I retreated, a yard at a time, from my cold, cold booth to the spots of sun that also kept moving away a yard at a time. I was not alone in my shivery-ness. My neighbors were moving, too, and we soon discovered that a couple of them were in possession of a jewel. A heater would have been good, but no. No, this was a crossword puzzle. A hard one.

I haven’t done them in a long time, but I used to do the NY Times crossword kind of obsessively. Many, many classes were skipped, sacrificed to those little squares. It’s one of the distinguishing characteristics of my monsters; they, too, love crossword puzzles.

At first, it was casual. We did, after all, have to return to our spots when people stopped by. But my booth. The shade. Cold. Soooo much cold.  And I was completely visible to anyone who needed me. I just gave in. And so did everyone else. It was Crossword Puzzle Party Time!

Maybe there are crossword people who are very serious, who will not stand for any playing around with possible answers on the way to getting the right one. Our group was the opposite. There are about nine million ways to have fun, but if I were picking favorites, it would be playing with people who can play with words and ideas and laugh at themselves when things go terribly wrong.

A hard crossword puzzle can get you in that condition pretty quickly

**          **          **


A shadowbox. Trying new techniques to make them just a leetle bit more affordable. I wanted to make them WAY more affordable, but I haven’t discovered the secret yet. :\

I might have kept writing to give the above some – oh, I don’t know. Closure? Ha. (Or I might not have.) -except, right there ^^, right where I stopped, I got an email.

It was a note from a very nice man. He’d been all over internet land trying to find me. A dogged detective was he. He’d been at the show, at my booth, in the shade and the cold with his wife, loving my work and finding themselves growing very fond of one of my shadowboxes.

I, however, wasn’t there.

Of course I wasn’t. I was doing a crossword puzzle.





8 thoughts on “Wint’ry Magic

  1. Talk about win’try magic… I LOVE that picture at the top. The sky, her hair, the colors, the way they merge… Her lips, her eyes… the star halos. Is she making a wish? Is she wishing for more crossword puzzles?

    • Oooh! We’re almost in the same place at the same time! Me, too. I love that picture. Partly because I painted it in new atmospheric conditions. Ha. She wasn’t before, but she is NOW (the crossword puzzle bit).

      I’m feeling very easily influenced. :):)

    • Aww. I am SO glad! Thanks for telling me! You can probably tell I just paint what I want to and it’s pretty hard to tell whether anyone else will like it. I’m seriously grateful that people DO. yay.

      Some of my prices are not so low (but WAY lower than if they were in a gallery) and some of them are. Really low. I sell a lot of originals at the art show that I put in my ‘sale bin’ just because I feel like it. Some people who collect my stuff buy exclusively from that bin. It’s pretty fun. And I do prints, too. See? That’s not too scary. Too much. :):)

  2. Can’t do crosswords, but I can do granny word searches and I kick ass on level 4 Sudoku. I’ll have to peruse your other sites…ETSY? ….to see if I can find some nice great-grandchild gifts to go with the books I will eventually buy…..I usually can afford Christmas in January and February. Stardust….. I can almost feel it.

    • I’m making skeerdy cat sounds. Sudoku is mean to me and my head. Can’t do it AT. ALL.

      Oh, I SO know that story, Rosie. They should consider staggering the gift giving part of Christmas, stretching it out to – what’s the next holiday? That one. For awhile, I was pretty dedicated to getting out the day after Christmas to get the most wonderful things I could. For the next Christmas. I could NOT keep that up.

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