i’m USING my indoor voice

Strange thing, to make a video trailer for a book that’s not much longer, but we’re living in the age of ‘Hey! Can I have your attention for 30 seconds?!‘ I tried to ask in my indoor voice – the title up there’s my proof. Although we don’t trust titles any more, do we?

Anyway. My first kids’ book is done. My mom, who’s particular and was a school psychologist, so even MORE particular when it comes to kids’ stuff, thinks it’s wonderful. She wrote that to me in big pink letters. No one argues big pink letters, do they?

Friends have been – … please go to your thesaurus and pick a bunch of words that are synonyms for astonishingly wonderful. I wisely showed it to a rare little group – all of them exceptionally good and witty writers (you know – the kind that can intimidate. Those are the ones you want to test things out on, as unnerving as it can be.)

I still have Facebook, In General (oh, good for me!!! I never get to make an acronym! And as an aside – I’m certainly using a lot of -nym words today, aren’t I?) to post to. Today’s the day, I think. The day I take a breath and just do it.

But here’s the point of this whole post:  I’ve wanted to do a tutorial for the longest, longest time – as an exercise in sharing. One little problem – I had nothing to tute. Someone else had tutored far, far better than I could.

I still don’t have anything worth teaching. But I started another blog (I know, I know) where anyone who is slightly interested can watch me try my mightiest to make the world a better place through kids’ books. Ha. It will be a diary of what I’m doing (undoubtedly wrong) – and learning – about marketing and promoting a book. A self-published book without the Big Boys and Their Machinery behind it. It’s a strange world, but not that strange. The internet that means a lot of new opportunities also means a billion other things are competing.

Many of you will write a book, finish a book or a film or a whatever you want. Maybe my diary will be useful. Maybe it’ll scare the hell out of you.  (Just kidding. You wouldn’t be writing or filming or doing whatever you want if you were scared.)

I didn’t intend to do this. I didn’t even think about it. Not with a kids’ book.

But I’ve created a lot of marketing content. I know as well as anyone that it’s not enough to put something on the internet and hope – just hope – that the world finds it. So. I’ll see.

That’s enough.

PS. This wasn’t meant to make anyone feel even a little bit obliged to go and visit the site. Just wanted to report.


8 thoughts on “i’m USING my indoor voice

  1. I’ve ordered a copy and am delighted to find your other sites! Will be asking for an Etsy gift card for Christmas for one of those watercolors I’ve got my eye on!

    We have an old friend in Sebastobol, CA who writes children’s books. She wrote the Judy Moody series, but I love the original children’s books she wrote when she was living downstairs from us here in Pennsylvania. It seems like it must be the best occupation in the whole world, especially if you are your own illustrator.

    Congratulations on finishing it, Chris, and best wishes for a wide audience for it!!

    • Beth!! I’ll have to go look for my breath. It’s been taken away. Thank you! Truly.

      When my friends bought copies, I barely knew what to say; thank you has to come to sound … well, like just a thing to say. I’m so humbled and grateful and inspired. Please know that, when I say thank you.

      It’s very fun to that you wandered to other places! When someone’s standing in front of me, I can feel it and see it and know when they’re delighted, when they’ve found a piece that will make them happy. It’s harder online (unless someone tells me; I feel very lucky that people WILL tell me.) That’s a long way of saying I’m glad that you like looking at my stuff. :):)

      And me, too!! I always thought that would be the BEST job ever! (And I didn’t even know any children’s books.) I learned loads and LOADS from this. Maybe I’ll get better. :)

  2. I GOT MY BOOK!!!!!! There are not enough exclamations points to tell you how wonderfully beautiful the illustrations and the story. I will order one for each of my great g/kids…..perfect gift. Cris, how do I get to your help site? I have my story written (probably needs tons and tons of editing and help) I am not an illustrator…probably not a writer either…but, anyway….I wanted to see what you had on the new site so I could get some help….HELP…..if it is here someplace on your blog, I can’t figure out where it is. I am so excited for you and this new journey.

    • Please imagine this: There I am, all set up at the beach for the weekly arts and crafts show. It’s a crystal-clear and warm morning (it will crawl into the mid-80’s) – the most beautiful morning I’ve experienced at the show. And then? I read this via email. And I ask: is there a more perfect note to read as my long long day begins? NO, there is not. I felt all wrapped up in cashmere-y joy. That’s right. Real joy. :) Thank you, thank you!

      And ALSO – what an excellent little shift in purpose you inspired! I was just going to keep a diary of ‘what I did, what worked, what didn’t’ (anecdotes that have been valuable for me to find). But what a great idea to kind of … workshop!!

      PS. what story DOESN’T need tons of editing? (Okay, maybe there have been one or two. Maybe five, tops.)

      Oh. It’s at … wait a second. Let me find it. There’s nothing really on it, yet. Except the trailer, because … it was something to start with. But there WILL be something on it today. (or tomorrow. Today. That’s what I’m aiming at.)


  3. My books also arrived, Thursday I think. They are just wonderful, and in a just world there would be a whole row of them on a shelf at Barnes & Noble. I also picked up some colorful picture frames for the greeting cards I ordered and have been strategizing (it’s a word!) over just how best to use them all.

    Also, Rosie asks a valid question. You just marketed something that I cannot find. Link, woman!

    • I’m fat with serious happiness and gratitude. Probably a few Snickers left over from Halloween, too, but mostly the other stuff. I’m SO fat, I still haven’t been to the Post Office (and I kind of forgot that it was a holiday week with traveling to do and paintings to prepare since my inventory of monsters was dramatically depleted yesterday and and and … :\) I’m the opposite of a procrastinator, so I’m just taking a big old breath and thinking: he will understand. He will. Not that that will work, mind you, but it’s what I’m doing.

      PS. Please see above reply to Rosie’s valid question because (and this I KNOW you’ll understand) it made new sense to make little changes in blog raison d’etre – quick before I even start. Really, my first post is only useful to someone wandering the internet at 3 am with no particular standards. :) https://crishamiltonbooks.wordpress.com/

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