Other Human Beings


In the end, I left the words off but many people understood her expression without any help at all from me. This is an excellent arrangement.

I’m making it up, but it seems one of the essentials of living among other human beings is being inspired. A phenomenon that’s both completely natural, completely awful and completely magnificent – depending entirely where you sit on outcome.  Plenty of people are inspired by others’ wealth, success, importance and power. There’s no point in pretending that only happens to other, less evolved creatures. Some of the best people I’ve known have been motivated by those things and those things alone.

Some people are inspired by things that look like happiness and love and … you know, emotional satisfaction.

Me?  I’m inspired by people’s power to create – not just artsy stuff – but change, projects, ideas. Communities and events. I’ve tried, on occasion, to try finding inspiration elsewhere, but can’t help myself.

Sometimes, though, unless we’re vigilant and stand like fortresses, we’ll be inspired by things that cripple and crush us.

I’m pretty sure all of us have had our own lessons. Some people and sometimes, some people in our most intimate circle, will teach us – slowly, stealthily (!! I don’t think I’ve ever written that word) – that they are not going to like us or approve of us and they’re certainly not going to savor our delightful sense of humor.

This, in to my mind, qualifies as inspiration. We breathe in their malice and hostility.

FullSizeRender (76)

But. Back to this painting. I just wanted to capture and cheer the moment when the jerks add up and she does the math and knows she’s solid. When she’s not inspired to think less of herself or to worry one little bit.

That’s what I’m on the side of.


8 thoughts on “Other Human Beings

  1. Every morning when I sign on to my computer I am greeted by…..me…..saggy boobs and my aging face that is twinkly electric. You made me special, and with your rendition of me I am unique…..I think your girl/woman’s look is my power fuck you face….but, said nicely.

    • You are exquisitely unique without any help at ALL from me. Completely twinkly, even when you go worry warty on us! IM your address and I’ll send the little painting to you as long as you agree to understand it’s a I- just- adore -you- watercolor sketch (as opposed to a very serious painty painting. Ha.)

      PS. Seeeeee? I think that’s exactly what her face is. Said nicely. Ha!

  2. “… the moment when the jerks add up and she does the math and knows she’s solid. When she’s not inspired to think less of herself or to worry one little bit.”

    Yassssss. “Aw, hell, no. Not just no — HELL, NO.” Or what Rosemary said.

    • Ha! Maybe it’s not an expression everyone will understand, but I like it (It shows up a LOT in my paintings, which is all the proof I need that there are nuances.

      More importantly, I think it’s important. For me, at least. We STILL don’t want women saying ‘Hell, no’ so I’m making sure I get a really good ‘look’ to throw down on the table.

  3. I will work on drawing a sharper line between where the inspiration ends and the actual feelings themselves start to attach. I’m sure it will be difficult sometimes but since you’ve provided a very helpful visual aid I think I’ll have no problem.

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