It’s So Simple.

Today, the U.S. Supreme court declared state marriage bans unconstitutional.

MorerMany are celebrating with the happy slogan ‘Love Wins!’ And it does. It always does. For me, though, this has never been about love. It’s been about rights and all that’s extended to people by virtue of those rights. It’s about justice and a nation that fosters integrity.

I made this the other day – not in anticipation of this landmark decision – but after much writing and contemplation of racism. If that’s a difficult subject to talk about (and people insist it is), it’s not because it’s difficult at its core. It’s not. It’s simple. So simple.


11 thoughts on “It’s So Simple.

    • Lance, I’m so glad you found your great partner in life – that alone is big enough – and could marry him!! As kind as you are to thank me, there’s no thanks necessary. I know there’s no absolute truth in the world, but there ARE some for me. This is one of them. For many of us. (Although, I guess we can and probably SHOULD be grateful that such a concept lives in the hearts of people. THAT kind of thanks, I’ll join you in!!)

  1. Making people lesser, I love that. I firmly believe that the more people I find on this planet who think as you and I do, the more hope there is for the future. Thank you for being there.

    • Yes, yes, Dave! It seems to me that most people agree in theory but we can still find multiple, quiet and sneaky ways to try it anyway. I like to wonder what would change if we all just … SAT with it, thought about how – maybe by accident, by habit – we do it. I just like to wonder that. :)

      • If we could all sit down together, brothers and sisters United, looking for a way forward. With an end to prejudice, fear and hatred on the table would anyone care enough to look for answers? I have faith that one day, before the end of days, we can work to end war, hunger, disease and poverty if we all work together.

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