The Monsters of Forgiveness



I’ve had a lot of monster-making feeling lately – which works out because I have to really feel a monster to make one. Paint one. Illustrate its story.



I start out writing. It’s only note-taking, really, but it has to be done.  I have to have the conversation with myself.  The mind needs to separate stories, weed away indignation, frustration, anger and find acceptance and humor and happiness in being human. I think I’m really aiming at forgiveness – even if it’s forgiveness for my own ridiculous expectations or behavior.

Forgiveness – is an important, very personal theme of mine.  It comes fairly easily to me, but it’s far from simple.


Sitting Silent

Right now, that’s all I have to say.


5 thoughts on “The Monsters of Forgiveness

    • Thank you! There’s hardly anything at all that I paint that doesn’t come with a story and – sometimes – a whole lot of thinking, so I thought I’d make you all suffer a little of it, too. :):)

  1. drawing out monsters –one’s own and those of the others–is an important reason for art. I like the shadow boxes too, they add “depth” pun intended and not. glad to see you are still at it, albeit on another site. And thanks for the likes.

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