Us. We.

Us. We. Done right (and by ‘right,’ I mean the way I’d do them if I was in charge), they’re warm and cozy and rich and open and ready to laugh. They feel like freedom and safety and solid happiness. Done right, they are all the wonderful mess of the world.


when we selfied ourselves

Done wrong, well …

making a good us

making a good us

I’ve met an lot of usses and wes that have made me want to be nothing more than an I.  The usses that are smug and relish exclusion, the wes who are anxious to have numbers – quantity over quality, the ones who give up character and critical thinking just so they get to belong -those are my idea of a really bad way to spend my life.

Still, I understand how they attract members. Next to an us or a we, an I looks flimsy. So alone. Easy to push past and over.

What it looks like, though, and what it is, does and can be are quite different. Still, try telling that to some people. Try telling them that the best usses, the best wes have really good Is.

Tiny bit of chaos last night in #santabarbara when lights wen... on Twitpic
lights go out. and on in Santa Barbara: a short video


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