Peter the Creature. For fun.

I do a lot of things for fun. For fun, for practice, to test, to push myself into an accident or a big mistake. I’m very successful in these endeavors, particularly the mistakes.

This is one of those things for fun. a little animation introducing Peter the Creature.

In the olden days, when I was younger and just writing, I didn’t do this and I didn’t play with all the possible mistakes I could make. I made them, of course, but not for fun. No, no, no.

Writing was sacrosanct, never to be done carelessly, never to be treated as anything less than an exalted craft. Treating it as art was even better. Literature, with literature’s very serious and important themes (even if they were comic) and very serious and important turns of phrase and very serious stories and very serious everything, demanded it.

I like that important stuff, that serious stuff, I really do. I’ve learned, though, that the Literature Has to Be Serious part was all made up. Important doesn’t have to be aching and serious doesn’t have to be howling into the void, examining the echoes. Important and serious don’t have to be somber, sober or sad. Literature does not have to groan with metaphor and suffer the weight of imagery stoically.

Anyone with an excess of words at their disposal can write. A writer is found in her or his point of view. My point of view is pretty much the same.  I explore the exact same things I always did and I use a lot of the same language (although fewer syllables). But now, I’d rather treat important topics much more playfully, even popping them into what looks like a kidlet’s fairytale. I know it doesn’t diminish the seriousness. It makes it approachable. It can even make it fun.

So there. Ha.


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