Silly Wins

I do it, I vent. But I’ve never liked it. Ever.

Always, since I first gave it a shot, it felt – well, not very useful. Just agitating. Some people’s temper subsides, but I was wired to do something about it, so when there was no doing, it all felt pointless.


a good laugh

Still, it’s a custom. When complaints surface, we go at them, pick them to shreds, call it venting and then go on our merry ways. We say ‘let’s do that again. Get together and fix the world.’ But, of course,  we weren’t fixing the world and more honestly, we weren’t even trying.

I had to make up a little loophole in my head so I could do it. So – my technique for me?  I only vent for fun and play and sign off with ‘There. We’re right and everyone else is wrong.’

And that makes me laugh. A whole lot. It’s silly and lets me get back to real life.



2 thoughts on “Silly Wins

    • Well, it feels pleasant. I figure that counts for something. :) Actually, I have a whole other way of dealing with real anger – and it really IS healthy and pleasant and generally very effective. I should probably spend a blog post on that. :)

      Oh and thank you, THANK you for thinking to reblog this.

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