the girl inside the grownup woman

runningI’m guessing it has something to do with having been a little girl myself, but designing, painting and animating little girls and their stories has always been entertaining.

Concocting the personalities of imaginary kids – that’s just fun. And a little tricky, too, what with being kind of a grown up. We sometimes like to engineer things that don’t really need engineering, an opinion admittedly based entirely on my own experience. The little girl that I was did plenty of things on impulse and only thought of an explanation when she was caught and forced to answer that age old ‘What were you THINKING?’

Yes, kid stories I like. In fact, any month now (which might be a too ambitious deadline), I might actually finish my little book about a girl who’s befuddled by the ‘just be yourself’ advice.’

And I dug up this clip I did a few years ago about Margaret – a ‘just testing’ run. She’s still one of my favorite characters.

As fun as kidlet characters are, nothing is more fun or fascinating than the little girls inside of grownup women. There are a lot – too many – of those little girls who need healing and love, but these are also the parts of women that still want to run and laugh and play at being spies and pirates and detectives and leaders of the universe. These are the parts that haven’t even thought about being afraid, that don’t care whether people are impressed by them or think they’re chic and important. These are the parts that can dress up, dress down, leap into mud or lose themselves in books and not care one BIT what anyone else is doing because they’re busy following their imagination into the world.

Those little girls show up in women – all women – all the time. I don’t know how anyone could miss them or not be entertained by them.



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