When Helping Gets Fun Again

Just a Little Help (when a monster needs some assistance, reach out)

Just a Little Help (when a monster needs some assistance, reach out)












You wouldn’t think helping would go out of fashion or become something unusual, but apparently it has and now, when we read or see a video of someone doing the right thing, we get all teary-eyed and love the world more than we ever, ever have. Now, we’ve started ‘paying it forward’ – not as acts of silent generosity and compassion, but in a chain-letter covering a boutique coffee bill kind of way. Now, we do Random Acts of Kindness and purr about it. Loudly. There’s nothing at all wrong with random acts of kindness (or the purring, for that matter), except that it turns helping into the occasional, fluffy theater piece that no one can actually depend on instead of a feature of – well, being a human being.

I didn’t notice for a long time because my personal world is one big help-fest. Helping is just what you do. You watch your neighbors’ pets. You drive a friend. You walk someone’s dog when they can’t. You show up. You do it because you can. And it’s fun.

Some people have forgotten that.  Or maybe they never knew. They think it’s an inconvenience, a burden, an obligation and most definitely an opportunity for someone to take advantage of them.

I wish they knew that helping creates a community. Maybe that community grows slowly, but it grows. It grows because when help happens, something’s improved or made easier or less stressful. Mostly it grows because when we help, we create stories. Together. And our shared, true stories are mortar.

We help and we’re making stories of trust and silly rescues and mistakes and laughter.  Our stories is where the fun lives.

Yep. I can’t wait for helping to get fun again.  For everyone.


5 thoughts on “When Helping Gets Fun Again

  1. Completely agree with there needing to be more help. As a fellow helper-by-heart, not helper-by-necessity, I know how tiring it can be to always be offering the hand of help and having the recipient look at you and wonder what kind of freak you are for offering in the first place.

    Here’s to a better world tomorrow, where unlooked for help arrives for everyone from some random place. Be it a hand up, or a steadying presence.

    Wonderful post!

    • It’s taken awhile – a few years, in fact – but finally, finally, we’ve managed to show our neighbors that help doesn’t have a price tag attached. We don’t need treats or money or a bottle of wine (although, frankly, I’ve never refused one of those – :)) – a long way of saying I wonder where they ever learned help was a business transaction. Hm. ANYway, good wish! (And thank you!)

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