flamenco dancer, digital art


flamenco dancer, digital art

Viva la Fiesta

Today’s Fiesta. Summer’s thinning out. I have to choose a shop name for etsy that I’ll be stuck with forever. This makes me bristle, being crowded.

I’m putting the bristles away, though, because today is Fiesta, with the biggest horse parade in the country and tamales and enchiladas and excellent tequila and music and more flamenco dancing than you can imagine. It’s incredibly charming to see the littlest girls and boys prance and spin and swirl and stamp.

flamenco dancer, digital art

Flamenco dancer

Which, naturally, reminds me of when a friend was recalling the first time she was drawn to a bar, a little joint of some legend. From half-way down the street, she could hear music, a kind she’d never heard before. She stepped in the door and there they were, a couple of guitarists playing wonderful flamingo music. Flamingo?

‘Oh yes,’ Andy said. ‘Those are the musicians who can stand on one leg.’

He makes me laugh.

With that, the bristles are gone. And the happy part of the day begins.


2 thoughts on “Fiesta

    • Oh, Carole, thanks so much! (For both the ‘stunning’ AND the good luck wishes – :). I really want to use Scary Fairy Waterworks, but it seems like such a long, long name. Oh well. Maybe a few margaritas will loosen up the ideas bog.

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