Magical Text Messages

She had fireworks in her, one of the first visitors to my art show booth  – beautiful and all sparkly with energy and ideas. ‘Oooh,’ she oohed. ‘You could animate these so people could send them by text message’. (If that’s not exactly, precisely what she said, it’s pretty close).

How could I even think of saying no? I wouldn’t. That’s not to say I’d say yes to every idea. Ideas are kind of easy. Implementing them. That’s always the tricky part. :)

To keep the file size tiny enough to not eat up any one’s data, I had to do limited animation. Really limited. As in just a leeetle bit. But, on a small screen, they’re fun and magic theater. This is the first one and I actually trimmed it down further.

Merry mirth to you!


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