Being Fairytale-ish

They are exquisite, women who have a child-like, fairy tale playfulness. They’re sweet and clever, too. There aren’t many – at least not many that I’ve met, but I wish there were.  Those I know are not silly women, easily dismissed. One is an award winning illustrator.  Another, an attorney who’s had principle roles crafting legal strategy for  … well, important projects.

Not only are they intellectually capable, several are just outrageously smart.


Out for a Ride

It would be nice to say I can’t imagine what prevents a woman from unwinding into her most delightful self, but I can imagine way too easily.  There’s always someone around to judge, to sniff, to roll their eyes, to set the tone.  There’s always someone to launch into very, very, VERY serious discussion with their serious facts and serious opinion and the implication that if you have no serious substance to contribute, you’re inconsequential.

It is serious bullshit.

I’m happy to have big old philosophical, political and cultural chats. Even arguments. It’s such a human thing, to trade ideas. But. I don’t ever want to HAVE to be that exclusively. And I don’t want anyone else to have to, either, because sometimes, we might just want to be fairytale-ish. Maybe being fairytale-ish is what we need.




3 thoughts on “Being Fairytale-ish

    • I’m SO glad you like it! I can get in quite a ‘children’s book illustration’ kind of mood.:) I’ve done a few of this monster.

      There’s almost no avoiding bullshit, but I’m certainly not above giving it a little smack upside the head. (Even if I have to do it to myself.) Ha!

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