The Swann Sisters

swann sisters

an illustration from a story I’m working on …

Some storytellers plan and plot and outline so everything’s ready to be filled in with actual writing. (The writing – that’s the tricky part.) I don’t doubt for a second that I’d benefit a whole lot from doing all those things, but so far, I haven’t.  I haven’t even tried. My preparation is limited to knowing the story I’m trying to tell.

That’s why, when the Swann sisters arrived, pouring merrily out of my pen, I was pleased. Very pleased.  I like them. I like their pretty quirkiness and playfulness, their wit and their ways. They’re old fashioned elegant and wealthy – and warm and delightful, too. They’re what aristocratic women can be.

They are, however, hard to watercolor.  They’re silvery, pearly sisters. This is not an easy color to paint. Gold. That’s easy to paint.  Maybe I’ll re-write them (of course, I will. Editing and revision are my favorite skills). I mean, maybe I’ll change their colors.  This seems like a dramatic change, when they came to me in silver.  Alternatively, I can just not do them in watercolor.  Hm. Such problems. :)


5 thoughts on “The Swann Sisters

  1. ”They’re silvery, pearly sisters.” And so, so enchanting. Please do not change them!

    Love your illustrations.

    • Thanks, Carole! I love harnessing passersby into voting on stuff, so you can imagine how extra super duper happy it makes me that you voted all on your own. YAY for you! (But also, yay for me because while there’s nothing wrong with editing, some things … well, they start out right. Don’t you think?

  2. They sure did. they are SO lovely, as are your other illustrations. (This one was my favorite.) I look forward to seeing your future works. Cheers!

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