In the Wind

This is digital. It’s supposed to be art. I’m making lots of it until I like something and I’m doing it to meet the requirements of a rule. It’s an odd rule.


It all started with my wanting to be in our weekly Arts & Crafts show along the waterfront. Simple enough. The general rules require that everything be made by hand.  Which seems fair enough until you make artwork in this digital age. Although I’m not opposed to selling my originals, it just makes sense to sell prints. Only prints are not quite allowed – not unless they’re substantially changed from the original.

However, it’s just fine to create digital artwork and makes loads and loads and loads of prints of those.

I’m pretty comfortable making digital art – I do a lot of animating in a nearly traditional way, but still … I do it on the computer.  They invented programs for just that purpose.  Still. I can re-do, re-draw, re-shape, re-time, re EVERYTHING in the digital world. I can not when it’s hand done.  If I could, I would have. Countless times.  Because all it takes is for watercolor to go wandering where it wants to and everything changes.


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