Namaste in Action

As long as we’re talking namaste …  here’s a VERY short animation I did. Although at a glance this doesn’t seem to have anything to do with women, it has everything to do with women (and men, for that matter. Okay. It’s a human thing.)

Look,  I couldn’t be happier the world’s figuring out (slowly, slowly in some places) that not much good comes of oppressing, suppressing, demonizing, vilifying, marginalizing.  Many still refuse to give it a try, clinging to this argument: No, no! My comfort, my position, my values, my security will be disrupted, diminished, hurt by allowing that (whatever that is).

It’s tempting to dismiss their argument, but it’s better to remember that anyone who’s enjoyed privilege is reluctant to give it up. Anyone. (Fair enough. Anyone I’ve ever met.) Inclusion is a mighty risk – the way it works now.

The way it works now.  It’s funny how we use that expression for things that aren’t working.


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