namasteIt took me forever to try yoga  – partly because I expected patchouli to be involved and patchouli’s exactly what I can’t stand and partly because I’m as limber as a door. Because it took forever to try yoga, it took the same amount of time to learn the word namaste. That’s all I managed at first – learning the word – and then I spent weeks wrestling with what it meant.

Namaste: easy enough to understand what it means, but something else entirely to understand what it’s supposed to mean and THEN how to actually and honestly put it into practice.

Sometimes, when I’m blissful, it makes crystal clear sense (but then, it would, wouldn’t it?). Unfortunately, all it takes is meeting some asshat to make the sense slide away, which is frustrating because I’m guessing that’s probably exactly the time when you should whip that namaste out and get things on a different track.

I obviously need more practice.


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