Wine. For me. Yay.

Cheer’s, m’dear. First of the day.

I like wine. Red wine. The better, the better. I like it enough that I turned this painting into a business card.

My favorite is Château Margaux because … because it’s Château Margaux. And then a Barolo. I like Barbaresco, too, but like a lot of things Italian, I start getting all confused with the B’s. I get Bellini and Bernini mixed up which probably sounds impossible, but it’s obviously not because I do it.

At any rate, those might be my favorites, but my budget can’t always be persuaded to play along. That’s ok. Someone went out of their way to invent stuff like zins and cabs and pinots and syrahs and I think I should support their ingenuity.  So I do.

my business card

my business card


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