and my mind’s a jewel, too

It’s very fun (and has the added benefit of making me very happy) to see women decorating themselves with jewelry they truly enjoy. Jewelry that twinkles and chimes and jingles. Jewelry that’s part of the theater of their day. 

and my mind's a jewel, too

I like jewelry, mostly jewelry designed by craftspeople. Jewelry that makes me think some secret something lives inside. Ah. Talisman. That’s what I look for in a piece of jewelry – at least the idea that it could, maybe, be just a little bit of a talisman.

Many of us have been culturally trained to see pedigree in restrained decoration and palettes. One single (large) diamond set in brushed platinum at the end of an arm in fine taupe silk announces (ironic, how loudly it announces it) membership in the more exclusive something or other. Luckily for us all, women who follow this tradition don’t have to apply that restraint to how they live or think or feel. It’s nothing more than a dress code.

I actually like the subtlety a lot, but will always love seeing the woman who decorates herself and her mind with fun and freedom of personality.


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