Interested in the interesting

I make and paint a new character whenever I think of what a woman’s really thinking (I mean really thinking). Sometimes the woman is me, but more often it’s an invention, a bubbly brew of the beautiful women I know.  Sometimes, I make two or three a day (which happens a lot when the world is particularly loud); sometimes, there are two or three days between them.

always interested in the interesting

I could have started with the character I painted yesterday, but decided to go random instead. So – for no particular reason, this.  In my notes, I call it ‘Oooh’ but when I write on it (when I write on the print, I mean), it’s ‘always interested in the interesting.’

It was inspired by something simple. l appreciate so much sophisticated women with tastes refined by experience and travel, elegant women with sublime minds and light, quick wit. But I feel the most joy in their company when they’re unapologetic about being surprised and delighted by the mysteries of the world. I love their company because they’re always interested in the interesting.


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